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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cara Kreatif Menyimpan Makanan

Suka suka suka. Sangat kreatif, Ok. tak payah nak beli tupperware. Sumber asal dari kheru2006.

Boleh masuk kat page dia kalau suka.

Smart Way Of Keeping Biscuits/Tit-bits Fresh & Crispy

1. Clean and dry the disposable plastic bottle.
2. Then, cut out the neck of the disposable bottle (refer to picture above) <>3 inches long.

3. Put left over biscuit/tit-bits in the plastic & insert the plastic bag through the neck of the bottle (refer to picture). Then tighten the cap.

Not a drop of water will leak. Trust me as the bag is sealed completely. Let's try it out!

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