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Friday, April 23, 2010

Stop Sabotaging Your JOB!

Tengah hilang mood nak kerja....belek punya belek majalah JUSCO Pearl jumpa artikel ni... Menurut majalah ni, artikel ni bersumber dari dan Sedikit sedutan....;p

TOP 5 Don'ts At The Office

1. Use offensive Language
Your close colleagues might be use to your language or even speak the way you do but the person who overheard you might get offended and decide to report you. So, watch that potty mouth.

2. Gossip
It's just bad taste and the gossip reaches management, they might decide to find out who started it all. Let's just say you wont be the first candidate in mind for a promotion.

3. Leave During Office Hours
Don't sneak off early even when you have finished your job. It's really unprofessional!

4. Take your job for granted
Appreaciate your job and remind yourself tht during this bad economy crisis, many have lost theirs.(Baru je lepas baca entry best dari blog izan.. sapa nak baca boleh gi sini--->>>Izan;Work Attitude. Worth reading!)

5. Overshare
We can't avoid personal phone calls at work but do try to keep the conversations to a minimum. The last thing you want is for the whole company to know the details of the fight you had with your partner!

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